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When Ben Franklin said “​an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure​” he was actually talking about fire prevention (from the useless facts department). But if Ben Franklin were alive today, we think he would apply that advice to your mouth and regular dental care….(hey there’s no proof that he wouldn’t!) The idea is the same. The ounce of prevention is as simple as a regular dental visit. Keep us on your calendar so we can catch small problems before they become big expensive “pounds of cure.”

This is most​ true for cleanings​. Routine cleanings are incredibly important for all patients. Biofilm and plaque accumulate on your teeth every day. After some time it becomes difficult and eventually impossible for you to remove this buildup at home. That is where your wonderful dental team comes in! We clean and restore your mouth
to a healthier state.

Remember how good it feels to walk out with freshly cleaned teeth and gums? We want these visits to feel like you are treating yourself…but for us it’s a chance to tweak your home routine, and look for any potential problems in your future. It is also a great time to ask-the-experts! We want you to talk to us (preferably before or after the procedure, please not while we are rinsing…dentist humor!).

A patient who understands the benefits of prevention is our favorite patient. Remember little visits prevent big visits, saving you time and money! Just think of what you can do with the extra time…maybe not fly a kite during a thunderstorm and invent electricity… but lunch with a friend would be nice!