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Dental Care for the Whole Family

At Strongsville Dental & Laser Aesthetics, general dentistry is at the core of what we do. This includes treatment for cavities, gums, root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventive education. Whether you’re coming in for your next checkup or haven’t seen a family dentist in years, our Strongsville, OH team is glad to have you. We’re proud to be among the best dentists in town, and we strive to bring you the gold standard in family dental care. Discover our general services and how we can improve your oral health.

dental exam

Why Choose Our Family Dentist

The team at Strongsville Dental & Laser Aesthetics is dedicated to offering patients the best possible family dental care. We’re more than just a same-day dentist—we provide a wide range of services to promote your continued oral health. Check out just a few reasons why we’re known as one of the best dentists in Strongsville:

  • A personalized experience and individual time and attention
  • Commitment to exceptional results
  • The latest technology is available in the office
  • A dentist with several certifications and professional affiliations
  • Trained therapy dogs to aid in patient relaxation

A Full Suite of General Dentistry Services

Overall oral health is essential because with healthy teeth and gums, you can avoid a host of other related health problems. Headaches, infections, heart problems, and more have been associated with unhealthy teeth and gums. Many of these are preventable with a good home care routine and regular visits and cleanings with us. Here’s what our Delta dentist offers our valued patients:

Teeth Cleaning & Exams

Are you due for a dental checkup? If so, don't wait to schedule your appointment. We offer comprehensive dental cleanings for patients of all ages.

Periodontal Treatment

When you have a gum infection or need gingivitis treatment, our team is here to help. We provide top-tier gum disease treatment to eliminate pain and enhance your overall health.

Dental Fillings

Tooth fillings are another of our specialties. Our team is skilled in identifying cavities and can recommend composite fillings to minimize discomfort and maximize your smile's appearance.

Tooth Extractions

If you need a tooth pulled, choose our Cigna dentist. We complete dental extractions for a variety of reasons and even offer urgent dental care when necessary.

We Strive to Stay Affordable

We believe prevention is the best medicine, but cavities and other issues may develop despite your best efforts. Our goal is to address your oral health issues fast, painlessly, and affordably. As an affordable dentist, we aim to provide top-notch care even if you don’t have insurance. Be sure to talk to our friendly staff about methods of payment with and without insurance coverage.

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