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My husband & I had treatments from Dr. T. and his amazing team. They treated us with the highest degree of care & concern. They were quick & efficient & the office itself is beautiful, cheery & comfortable. We highly recommend Strongsville Dental Associates!

Paul & Stephanie F. | Dental Care Patient

Great establishment and staff! Very professional, friendly, and by far the best option around northeast Ohio.

Julianna M. | Dental Care Patient

I love going to the dentist! I have very sensitive teeth and they always take that into consideration. It's like visiting with friends while you get your teeth cleaned. I highly recommend.

Joanna S. | Dental Care Patient

Strongsville Dental & Laswe Aesthetics was a great experience. They are friendly and set you up for success. I learned more about my teeth in one appointment with them than ever before. They were also able to draw up two estimates for future options to fix a few insecurities with my teeth. They were able to make me an appointment two days later to get the option I wanted done, thag my previous dentist refused to do. Very satisfied!

Morgan M

This is seriously the best Dental Office in the city! They have therapy dogs if you get nervous or anxious, the sanitation is a top priority, UV lights, top of the line air purifiers, lots disposable items used during your visit. They have a laser that can take the place of traditional procedures, I had to get a filling and they used the laser for it, no pain at all, and they didn’t use any numbing, I hate needles so it saves on time but also avoiding having to get a needle stuck in my gums. 110% recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Debbie Sue K

This team helped make my dreams of having that perfect white smile a reality!! For YEARS, I was not happy with my smile, it was gummy and my teeth were naturally smaller. My bite was fine, so I knew it was more of a aesthetics issue.That is when I came across veneers during my research and lumineers seemed even better because of the minimal prep to the teeth. I was nervous getting them on just because of the what ifs and some horror stories I found on the internet, but I am so unbelievably happy with the outcome. I’m still smiling days after the procedure. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. T, Cindy and Lisa for lumineers. They are the experts!! I love them so much that eventually I will get my bottom teeth done.

Ann M

I was in the emergency room for 4 days with a nasty tooth infection that turned into facial cellulitis. It was the worst pain I’ve been in in my life. I wasn’t responding to antibiotics, I went to 4 different dentists and begged all of them to do something for the pain, and nobody would do anything to help me. My parents had me go into Dr. T’s office and he figured out all he had to do was cut the infection open and drain it! Now I’m on the way to recovery and I’ll be able to get the root canal done since the infection and swelling are finally going away.

Kendell R

For years my children and I have been receiving our dental care with Dr. T and his team. Everyone has been very kind and professional during every visit.

Grace B

Great office with kind and friendly personnel. Everyone is very helpful and they are very knowledgeable and eager to assist with all your dental concerns. Dr. T is so nice, a real professional offering the best options to help patients maintain superior oral care!
I was looking for a new dental office I could feel confident with that could address some dental care I was putting off. I Did some research and decided on Dr. Theodorou. I found the office incredibly clean with a tremendously well organized and friendly staff. The doctor addressed all of my dental concerns and he put together a very manageable treatment plan for me. The front office went over my insurance plan with me and then organized my office visits to coordinate well with my schedule. I highly recommend this office!

Karen M

Crystal the hygienist and the entire team at DrT’s office are exceptional. Crystal treated my 10 Yr old child today with great compassion and skill which made my daughter’s experience fantastic. She did a complete cleaning, X-rays and along with the dentist recommended sealants. We decided to stay and have the sealants done since they had time to place them. Thank you all -we had a fabulous experience from start to finish! A shout out to the ladies at the front desk!! You ROCK!!


As usual, Dr. Theodorou is the best. The service and treatment from the entire staff is top notch. It was great to see Laser and Mercury also. I travel an hour from Mentor to get to the office, but is well worth the drive IMHO. Thank you.
Had a issue with a new crown being to high. Staff got me right in, adjusted the crown and seems to be perfect now. Thanks!

Bill L

I love my smile thanks to Dr. T and Cindy! They are amazing, professional and caring. I love the front desk staff too. I highly recommend Strongsville Dental and Laser.

Laurie M

Amazing dental practice. They care about you as a patient and give you the greatest quality of care. Dr. Theodorou is the best around and don't even get me started on the therapy dog's! Why go anywhere else?

Elizabeth H

If you are looking for a dental office oh, look no further. This is the best place I have ever been to and they cover everything from cleanings Lumineers and everything in between. Dr. T and Cindy are truly amazing. Very passionate about their jobs and Incredibly friendly and caring.

Denise B

Five stars! The most relaxed I have ever been at a dentist. Dr. T is great and so is Vicki. In good hands there.

Annmarie A

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