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Professional Teeth Whitening

Discoloration of teeth happens for many reasons. Coffee, wine, tobacco, and colas are just a few of the culprits.

We offer three amazing, safe, and proven treatments if you are looking to brighten and whiten your smile.

before and after whitening

Bleach for Life

This program is offered exclusively at Strongsville Dental & Laser Aesthetics for those who take their oral care seriously.

When you sign up for Bleach for Life, you receive custom trays and two syringes of whitening gel for a one-time cost of $99. Every six months, when you come to your regular hygiene checkup, members of Bleach for Life receive complimentary gel refills. It’s a win-win. Patients get an incentive to make it to their regular hygiene appointments and we help you with consistent free refills of your whitening gel prescribed specifically for your teeth.


The KoR whitening system has been the choice of many of our patients at Strongsville Dental & Laser Aesthetics. The take-home whitening system allows patients to follow the instructions in the privacy of their own homes after a consultation with Dr. Theodorou to choose the correct strength for desired results.

Consultation is key as take-home systems are prescribed specifically for your teeth, goals, and sensitivity threshold.


Zoom offer patients instant gratification. Sometimes you need white teeth, now. Perhaps you are going to a special event such as a wedding or reunion and do not have time to properly do another system.

The Zoom treatment uses a lamp to accelerate the bleaching process in about an hour. The Zoom light works with hydrogen peroxide gel to quickly whiten teeth. A post-treatment protocol is also recommended.

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