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Girl with smile and teeth

Guy Kawasaki is noted for advising his vast audiences that “If you want to make a good first impression, smile at people. What does it cost to smile? Nothing.” He continues that the cost of not smiling equals irrevocable failure, “if not smiling prevents you from enchanting people.” While “enchantment” may not rank high on your approach for socializing with others, looking and feeling your best is surely a lifestyle goal for most of us. Contemplating and implementing a plan for your best appearance requires an immediate commitment. With the much-anticipated return of our children to school and the onset of the autumn season (yes, Halloween decorations and candy are already parading themselves in the retail circuit), the holidays will be upon us like a shift in the wind, and since lasting and double-take changes take time, the time to schedule these into your life is TODAY.

A defining feature of your appearance, is centered, of course, around your mouth and at Strongsville Dental and Laser Aesthetics, the time for your smile to make a bold re-entry into the social sphere is NOW by affordably and professionally improving the color of your teeth, for starters. Marketing statistics on teeth whitening report that 58% are more likely to hear “You’re Hired” at an interview over those with discolored teeth; 99.7% of people surveyed rated an attractive smile as a critical social asset, and 82% of those surveyed reported noticeable improvements in their teeth appearance when professionally administered in the dental chair over 63% success rate with “do it yourself” kits. Our seasoned practice is making this process more seamless, effective and affordable than ever through our $99.00 Whitening for Life program, by which you can obtain a permanent solution through custom-made whitening trays and UNLIMITED whitening gel for your entire lifetime. This proven approach is far superior to whitening strips, which often are ill-fitting, messy and sting and heighten the sensitivity of the gum area. The “lifetime supply” of our treatment requires that you maintain “perfect attendance” as far as your preventative care appointments at our office, and of course, this is mandated for your optimum health in mind. Finally, teeth whitening is just one color in the rainbow, as we offer a myriad of other aesthetic services to render dramatic and beautiful enhancements to your appearance that will empower putting your best foot forward – whether in business, personal and social settings. Call today to take advantage of this optimal option for teeth whitening, and start showcasing a more beautiful smile sooner rather than later!

~Dr. Chris Theodorou