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Logo with Covid-19 Banner

In accordance with Governor DeWine, Dr. Amy Acton of the Ohio Department of Health, and the Ohio State Dental Board’s recent stringent recommendations, as well as the safety of our patients, our team, and the population as a whole, Strongsville Dental & Laser Aesthetics will be rescheduling all non-emergency appointments until further notice. Our team will be reaching out to all affected patients as soon as possible. The office will have expanded days and hours in the future as we work hard to get back to normal. We are happy to help anyone with emergency needs and will do our best to phone triage any emergencies that may be called in, in order to minimize the need to leave our homes. Future updates will come via our Facebook page, Email and Web page as we learn more. We all love our job and making our patients smile, but this appears to be a very necessary step to protect our elderly and compromised patients, so we are happy to do our part. Thank you for your understanding.

Dr. Chris Theodorou and Team