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Radio Wisdom for Impacted Wisdom Teeth

It’s not often that you tune in to your local rock radio station and hear them talking about dentistry but that’s exactly what happened the other day.

The iconic WMMS, the Alan Cox show specifically, was on and they were talking about impacted wisdom teeth.  One of the co-hosts was concerned about the recovery time and pain of having his wisdom teeth removed, which started a whole conversation about dental surgery.

I am not the guy who calls into a radio talk show, unless I’m invited in as an expert, and I am not the young co-host’s dentist, so I kept quiet. I

will give kudos to the host, Alan Cox because he did get much of the information correct.

The entire conversation may have been hyperbole for the show, but it made me wonder how many of my patients feel anxiety and uncertainty about their dental health and don’t tell me.

Why ask friends or search the internet when your best resource for your specific dental concerns is right here?  

At Strongsville Dental & Laser Aesthetics, my patients call me “Dr. T.” because Dr. Theodorou is a mouthful (pun intended)!   But calling me “Dr. T.” also gives us a level of comfort and openness, where every dental question or concern can be asked and answered without worrying about the time allotted per patient or scheduled visits.

Even when I am with another patient, my team of dental hygienists and dental staff will make sure you know exactly what to expect and how much recovery time you will need.  We can talk over the phone if I can’t talk in person.

I feel bad for that radio co-host, who had to hear everyone’s horror stories about impacted wisdom teeth, many from 20-plus years ago.

I hope he has a good dental surgeon to answer his concerns.  If not I know a good Dental surgeon right here in Strongsville  (wink, wink!) who would be happy to help him!

by Dr Chris Theodorou DMD